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Brexit // What happens after 23:00 31st January 2020?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The short answer is nothing! For now, at least...

The UK leaves the EU in all but name, entering a transitional period until 23:00 31st December 2020. In effect, it's just the start of a countdown until this date - the next deadline, cliff edge, deal or no deal scenario. This will be the point of significant change.

With UK Government adamant there will be no extension to the transitional period - the Brexit roller coaster will soon start again. As the trade deal and future trading arrangements are negotiated. Time will tell if government manages to live up to the promises made by the leave campaign. Or if the apocalyptic predictions from the remain camp come to fruition. With many in the EU not believing it is possible to create such a trade agreement in 11 Months it will be an interesting period to say the least.

After a welcomed break from Brexit in the news over the seasonal period, you could be forgiven for forgetting about it all together. With Nigel Farage hitting the headlines after his flag waving in Brussels, and his smugness levels now registering on the Richter scale, it will soon be dominating the headlines again.

We will be monitoring developments over the coming months and advising as and when we know more.

The departure from the single market will inevitably mean customs formalities. We urge all customers to look within their supply chain and start planning accordingly.

  • If you are importing goods from the EU, can your supplier raise the documents required?

  • Do you need to increase the limit on your deferment account?

  • Can you produce invoices with commodity codes and values of your goods?

  • How will creating paperwork work operationally?

  • Do you book and send items out of hours, is someone able to produce invoices with accurate information?

  • What if the load changes? It will not be enough just to edit quantities and weights on the CMR on loading, as it is now.

There will be many challenges all businesses will face. The loss of access to the single market will mean less flexibility in the supply chain, the changes will be a culture shock especially to the just in time sectors. Starting to think about how these changes will affect your business is the first step.

If you are looking for any dedicated or express UK/European quotes or want any help or advise call: 01233 637722 or email we are here to help!

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