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Specialists In European Express Transport

NTS was established in 1988 by Michael Neukirchen. Operating from an office on the outskirts of Dusseldorf, Germany, NTS Initially provided transportation solutions to local companies initially for their domestic requirements.

During the years that followed, NTS gradually expanded and developed specialist services to meet all of our customers' needs.


As the European Union expanded, and international trade developed across the continent, the decision was made to commence an international service. We continued to enjoy a gradual expansion and develop our services further still into the whole of Europe.

During 1996, NTS opened a satellite office in Nurnberg, Germany to aid our increasing customer base in Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary and beyond. Our customers situated in these areas benefited from reduced response times, and the knowledge that our experienced staff would be able to provide the best solutions for their transport requirements.

NTS experienced a rapid growth period from that point forward, to become a leading supplier of express and time sensitive transport solutions in Europe.

Trade between Germany and the United Kingdom across all industry sectors. NTS discovered that the volume of freight moving between these countries and the demand for vehicles to carry such consignments was also rapidly increasing.

Following this evident trend, we increased our fleet size to ensure that our availability and service levels were maintained. We also began to form partnerships with companies across the United Kingdom and Europe, whom we still work closely with today.

By 2002 it was evident that the volumes of freight being transported between Germany and the United Kingdom was continuing to grow, and to ensure that we maintained our control and development on all aspects of our services, NTS International Express Limited was formed.

Over the years that followed our fleet, and experience make us the ‘Specialists in European Express Transport’ we are today!

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