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CDS Migration

To move forwards together we need importers to embrace CDS and get themselves registered.

HMRC have shared with us a number of useful YouTube tutorials which we encourage you to review.

If you hold a Deferment Account and we allocate charges to this account - it is important that NTS International Express is given Standing Authority to utilise that Deferment Account.

EORI: GB798573748000

Name: NTS International Express Ltd

Giving this Standing Authority will further support our CDS Migration. As we declare on your behalf and use your Duty Deferment Account (DDA), you will need to authorise a new Direct Debit (DDI) for CDS.

The reasons being:

  1. To make declarations on your behalf and use your DDA, a new CDS DDI is required

  2. The CDS DDI is separate to the existing CHIEF DDI simply because CHIEF & CDS use 2 separate bank accounts (therefore the same DDI cannot be used)

  3. The same DDA will be used, and the same liability will not be taken twice

  4. This has no impact on current CHIEF payments.

Once registered, you can complete the CDS DDI for your DDA using this link

For more information the team on Tel: 01233 637722 or email

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